Stem Cell Therapy: Why Is It Used In Holistic Healing?

stem cell therapy

Many top holistic healing centers use stem cell therapy to heal various conditions and addiction issues. Stem cells are the healing cells of the body. They are the most powerful raw materials that help the body regenerate, renew, revitalize, and rebuild. Also known as MSC cells, they are the ones from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated. The stem cells then divide to form more cells under the right conditions, either becoming new or specialized cells with more specific functions like blood cells, heart muscle cells, brain cells, or bone cells.

The Potential of Stem Cell Therapy in Holistic Healing

Stem cell therapy is a method employed by many top holistic healing centers for treating and managing multiple medical conditions. This method also called regenerative medicine, has been an emerging branch of medical science in recent years. It deals with functional restoration at the cellular level in people suffering from chronic conditions or severe injuries. It is especially beneficial in medical conditions in which the body’s regenerative responses do not suffice and require external cells designed to repair and regrow damaged cells. Stem cell therapy heals the body enough to manage the associated symptoms and substantially improves the quality of life in terminally ill patients. The stem cells can either be donated from a donor or harvested in labs and manipulated to form specific types of cells like blood, heart, and nerve cells.

stem cell therapy
stem cell therapy

Where Do Stem Cells Come From, And How Are They Administered?

The two sources of harvesting stem cells include:

  • Embryonic stem cells are extracted from embryos up to three to five days old. The cells are pluripotent, which means that they give rise to more stem cells and develop into other types of cells, thus an excellent choice for regenerating and repairing damaged organs and tissues.
  • Adult stem cells include extracting stem cells from adult human tissues like bone marrow, blood, and fat tissue. These cells have a more limited ability to give rise to a range of cells, thus multipotent.

Most holistic retreats introduce the stem cells in the body either intravenously or locally specifically targeted sites like the spine or joints. However, the most convenient method is the IV method since it distributes the cells to several organs simultaneously. Hence, it is preferred when treating diseases or conditions that affect multiple body organs.

How Does It Work?

  • Reduce inflammation: due to the unique property of the stem cells, they are more attracted to sites of inflammation in the body where they can significantly reduce inflammation by modulating the immune system through cell signaling and direct cell-to-cell contact.
  • Promotes natural healing: stem cells also support angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood vessels that promote natural healing.
  • Increases cellular longevity: these cells also reduce the rate of apoptosis, which is the pre-programmed cellular death that occurs due to disease or aging, thus increasing cellular longevity.
  • Modulates the immune system: stem cells can modulate the immune system by reducing immune cell activation and stimulation. This is especially important when tackling autoimmune diseases when the immune system attacks the body cells.
  • Neurogenesis: stem cell transplantation results in increased neuronal growth and differentiation due to enhanced secretion of neurotrophic factors.

Which Conditions Can Stem Cell Therapy Treat?

Remember that only a selected type of tissue and organ in the body can regenerate spontaneously after trauma or disease. Also, this regenerative capacity diminishes over time. Hence, a therapeutic medium should accelerate this natural healing process and repair cells. And stem cell therapy is a promising approach for various conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, regional pain syndrome, HIV-AIDS, inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease, autism and ADHD syndrome, traumatic and ischemic brain and spinal cord injuries, wound healing, neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), restoring eyesight, blood cancers like myeloma, leukemia, and lymphomas, Frailty syndrome, etc. Stem cell therapy is also used in orthopedics, where the MSCs are derived from adult stem cells that can potentially improve conditions like bone and muscle trauma, rotator cuff surgery, cartilage repair, intervertebral disc surgery, and osteoarthritis. It has also been seen to accelerate bone healing and reduce pain in case of fractures.

stem cell therapy
stem cell therapy

What Can Enhance The Effects Of Stem Cell Treatment?

Many measures are carried out adjacent to stem cell therapy to enhance its effects. These measures may include cleansing the body and detoxing it from previously used toxic substances, chemicals, and medications. Intravenous vitamin supplements ensure the body is in its best state to receive the stem cells. Many patients are given special dietary modifications, and modified food is replaced with a vegan and organic diet that replenishes vital nutrients in the body. Treatment centers offer other modalities like HBOT, acupuncture, and flotation methods.


Stem cell therapy is one of the best treatment methods one can get, not only for physical issues but also for mental conditions and wellness, especially for alcohol addiction and substance abuse.

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